Our aim at Bristol Streamline 9264001 is to provided you with the best possible service. In normal circumstance we try very hard to provide a taxi within ten minutes of your call. However, there are certain situations beyond our control which interfere with our ten minute goal. Unfortunately everybody seems to want a taxi when it rains! And everyone seems to want to go out at the same time!

If there is a situation when we believe that there will be a longer wait than ten minutes we will be honest and tell you. Providing a service such as ours is quite unique. There are not that many service providers that offer an instant service. There are things that you, our customer, can do to help us help you:

If you have to be somewhere that is very important, such as the train station, then please do not leave it to the last minute to phone us. Give yourself enough time to allow for delays.

When you phone 9246001 for a taxi please know where you are. You would be very surprised how many people get through to us and then spend an age working out where they actually are! This of course holds up the telephonist and other customers.

Please try and give your address details clearly. If you have phoned on a previous occasion then our computer will recognise your number and would have stored your address details in its data base memory. Please see the Technology Page. If you are phoning for the first time.....or from another address....and the address is a bit complicated, then please give as much information as possible:

We really do want to know if the door is the black one and is around the side of the building........ and does your bell actually work? Many times a driver will report back to us saying that he pressed the bell several times and had no reply and is blocking the road full of angry motorists!

Also, if there is an intercom, is your name or flat number clearly indicated. Sometimes we get the job information as being flat 2a for example, but all that is on the intercom is a list of names.
The more information you can give us.... the better the service we can give.

SMOKING. New laws do not permit the driver or the passenger to smoke in a public vehicle.

Helping us
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